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What is a wax melt custom request

Wanting a wax melt in a particular size, shape, colour and/or scent that’s what a custom request is all about, we provide the ability for you to make up to 10 requests at a time and you can customise a large number of options to make a wax melt that is just to your liking!

How many customs can I request at once

You can make a request that contains at most 10 customs, whilst this request is in the queue and being made you cannot make another request for example, if you make a request that contains 5 customs you are unable to make another request until this one has been completed and purchased.

What can I customise

  • Shape
  • Colour/s
  • Scent/s
  • Glitter and/or Mica
  • Topper shape

How long will it take

Typically you can expect your custom request to be available within a couple of weeks, in busier times this can be longer but the request form is continually updated with expected times so please ensure you refer to this prior to making a request, especially if you’d like it soon.

What if I made a mistake

Please email us or use the contact form on the website to let us know of any amendments issues with a request you’ve put in and we can make adjustments where necessary.

What happens when it’s made

Once your custom requests have been produced we will create a password-protected product/listing on the website we’ll then send an email that contains the product and the password required to access it, you can then purchase this as you would any other product on the website.
Notably with customs you have a purchasing timeframe of 1 month from the date of completion, upon request we can extend this but if your request is not bought within a timely manner we reserve the right to ban you from making future custom requests and as such will sell your customs.

How do I pay

Payment is not taken upfront and you pay/purchase once your request is produced, payment can be made through the website the same way you would when making a standard purchase, simply add the custom product to your cart and go through the checkout process and you’re done, expect to receive your request in the post!

Custom wax melt loaf