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Nag Champa Smelly Shot

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The aroma of incense: patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood working together to create this wonderful blend.

Full description

Made in the United Kingdom by Smelly Scents, with a premium blend of wax and fragrances. We use biodegradable glitter.

Unlike candles that burn with a wick, wax melts or wax tarts are placed in a tart warmer, or an electric melter and slowly warmed from a tea light or electric heating source.

The Wax Shots weigh approx. 30g.
Place your wax into your wax melter to release the true-to-life scents.
Once finished using the melt, replace back in packaging and keep up high away from children and pets

Due to these products being made in small amounts, colours and designs may differ but this does not effect the scent nor the quality.

Not to be consumed. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

19 reviews for Nag Champa Smelly Shot

  1. claorebear (verified owner)

    This is my favourite version of this by far,and so relaxing 🤩

  2. lowrim91 (verified owner)

    Bought this for a friend who loves incense etc and she’s a huge fan of this scent.

  3. emma561234 (verified owner)

    Didn’t think I would like this but I adore it. Such a relaxing, zen smell. Just bought it in a wax bar x

  4. cathandvin (verified owner)

    Didn’t think I’d like this as I’m not a fan of incense scents but the sandalwood made this easier on my nose!! It’s perfect for a cold wintry evening snuggled under a blanket. Very strong so a little goes a long way!!!

  5. theshutefamily (verified owner)

    I love incense and this didn’t disappoint! Can smell it outside my house and lasts for days too.

  6. marygaffney78 (verified owner)

    I’ve never tried nag champa and I’m not a big fan of incense but my son is so I took it to his house for us both to enjoy.
    I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was!
    He now wants a pie or loaf in it for Christmas obviously purchased by yours truly 🤣
    I want to try it again mixed with some Vanilla Sugar👌

  7. nickihale18 (verified owner)

    Not my type of smell so I gifted it to someone it was

  8. Emma Rayne (verified owner)

    Amazing. Strong incense scent that fills your whole house

  9. Roxy (verified owner)

    I love this scent soooo much perfect for anyone who loves hippy scents

  10. sidge_lloyd13 (verified owner)

    Nag champa has a strong fragrance of patchouli and Sandalwood certainly reminds me of when everyone was using joss sticks

  11. staceyannridley (verified owner)

    Love this, lovely strong throw. Best nag champa I’ve tried.

  12. Vicky (verified owner)

    I’ve always love the incense when I was younger so I knew I would love this scent, it’s so strong that I usually only use a quarter of a pot it’s that strong and the smell last even when I’ve switched off my burner 💜

  13. bekib2791 (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful insence type scent, one I got in my very first order in a mystery pack! I’d never have picked it but I’m so glad I got it because it’s one of my favourite scents x

  14. abbyisabellawilson (verified owner)

    I added this wax shot on as my free pot. Took a complete gamble and it turned out to be one of my faves! So strong, lasts at least 4 tea lights with me! Highly recommend! X

  15. claorebear (verified owner)

    Favourite ever version 🖤🖤

  16. mickybee123 (verified owner)

    Nice scent not one of my favorites but still lovely and strong 🥰

  17. emmie (verified owner)

    I brought this one as my daughter who loves incense, not a fave myself but if you like incense then you will like this.

  18. Nikita Dale (verified owner)

    This is the most perfect nag champa wax ive ever tried, its a mythical earthy scent you would associate with witches ( that’s me 😉 ) its got a great throw and can be mixed with so many other scent, i’ll pop a list of a few of my faves ive used to make customs with.

    Blonde moment
    Sun washed linen
    dragons blood (very mythical blend)
    parma violets (trust me)

  19. mickybee123 (verified owner)

    One of my old faves nice earthly scent

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