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Electric Burner & Wax Segment Pod Offer


This fantastic offer is for one of our electric bulb burners with one free Segment Pod.
This makes for a great gift for anyone or a great way to get into Wax Melts.

Always read and follow the instructions that come with this product. Use a good quality standard tea light and do not overfill the dish. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not consume. Do not add water. CLP available on the corresponding listing on the website.

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Failure to follow these instructions could result in a fire hazard. Not intended for use with fragranced warming oil or potpourri refresher oil.

  •  Never leave an electric wax melt burner unattended whilst in use.
  •  Remove all packaging before use.
  •  Keep the electric wax melt burner out of the reach of children and pets.
  •  Do not leave the electric wax melt burner on or near anything that can catch fire.
  •  Ensure the electric wax melt burner is well ventilated. Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool.
  •  The electric wax melt burner becomes very hot during use, do not touch or move whilst turned on or whilst wax remains molten.

Direction for Use

  •  Place the electric wax melt burner on a level, flat, cool, heat resistant surface away from other heat sources and flammable objects. If used on a non-heat resistant surface damage may occur if the electric wax melt burner is used without a protective plate, tray or similar product.
  •  Position the wax melt segment on the top bowl of the wax melt burner.
  •  Plug in the electric wax melt burner and switch it on.
  •  Allow the heat of the bulb to melt the wax and fragrance will release into the room. The electric wax melt burner will become hot while in use, do not touch while in use, heated wax can cause burns. Allow the burner to cool completely before touching or moving.
  •  Do not allow the pool of wax to completely evaporate so the top bowl becomes dry whilst the electric wax melt burner is switched on. This could cause the electric wax melt burner to scorch.
  •  Switch off the electric wax melt burner and unplug from the mains when not in use.
  •  If wax remains in the bowl after use and you wish to remove the wax, wait until the wax cools and hardens, then whilst using protective gloves apply a small amount of gentle pressure on one end of the wax to pop the wax out.
  •  Let the electric wax melt burner completely cool before re-use.
  • Do not use metal objects to clean out the wax. Do not apply excessive pressure when cleaning or removing wax. This may crack and damage the burner. Do not place the burner in a freezer.
  • Wax melt burners become hot during use. Only use on a heat resistant surface. If unsure use a protective plate, tray or similar product.


Made in the United Kingdom by Smelly Scents, with a premium blend of wax and fragrances. We use biodegradable glitter.

Unlike candles that burn with a wick, wax melts or wax tarts are placed in a tart warmer, or an electric melter and slowly warmed from a tea light or electric heating source.

These pods weigh approx. 90g each.

Each pod has 6 segments. Simply break off a segment and place the segment wax into your wax melter to release the true-to-life scents.
Once finished using the melt, replace back in packaging and keep up high away from children and pets

Due to these products being made in small amounts, colours and designs may differ but this does not effect the scent nor the quality.

Not to be consumed. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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