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Belle’s Birthday Wax Shot

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A Disney Princess inspired scent.
Rich vanilla buttercream frosting resting on a light sugary strawberry jam sponge base with a dashing of French lavender to make it that extra bit special
Reformulated: 05.07.19

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Full description

A Disney Princess inspired scent.
Rich vanilla buttercream frosting resting on a light sugary strawberry jam sponge base with a dashing of French lavender to make it that extra bit special


Made in the United Kingdom by Smelly Scents, with a premium blend of wax and fragrances. We use biodegradable glitter.

Unlike candles that burn with a wick, wax melts or wax tarts are placed in a tart warmer, or an electric melter and slowly warmed from a tea light or electric heating source.

The Wax Shots weigh approx. 30g.
Place your wax into your wax melter to release the true-to-life scents.
Once finished using the melt, replace back in packaging and keep up high away from children and pets

Due to these products being made in small amounts, colours and designs may differ but this does not effect the scent nor the quality.

Not to be consumed. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

28 reviews for Belle’s Birthday Wax Shot

  1. vickymarieward (verified owner)

    I think this is a new favourite. An amazing new scent

  2. emma561234 (verified owner)

    One of my favs, smells delicious!

  3. andrealouisecarpenter (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful and unique strong scent. People have asked what scent I’ve got going a few times whilst melting this. Very pretty fragrance.

  4. anjilleyes (verified owner)

    Can’t believe how beautiful this is and so strong..have to buy more coz my kids keep pinching it

  5. mandydawson231 (verified owner)

    I love this, wasn’t sure at first but it’s a beautiful fragrance, a definite repurchase💖💖

  6. lisariotouscolours (verified owner)

    Another of Nicole’s glorious house blends! This is absolutely delicious, strong – very strong! I found the scent lasted in my living room for quite some time afterwards and I’ll be adding it to my repurchase list. Yummy!

  7. tyrannahlen (verified owner)

    Really sweet but floral at the same time, unfortunately not for me since I felt like the lavender took over

  8. miggs12345 (verified owner)

    Unusual, unique blend. Fabulous

  9. agata.keen (verified owner)

    Really strong blend but unfortunately not for me, i am not big fan of lavender and it’s overpowering

  10. kalliemcgowan26 (verified owner)

    A must have for any bakery lover.

  11. emma561234 (verified owner)

    Ordered this in a snap bar, I liked it that much.

  12. inner_voice (verified owner)

    I can’t get over how amazing this scent is – one of the best!

  13. causier1986 (verified owner)

    Lovely scent , great scent throw even the hubby likes it.

  14. theshutefamily (verified owner)

    Love this one,

  15. Michaela Bessell (verified owner)

    Normally i cant stand lavender but the sweetness completely changes the scent. The strawberry blends so well and i was not expecting to love it like i do.

  16. marygaffney78 (verified owner)

    I love lavender mixes and bakery scents so was so happy on cold sniff.
    It makes me hungry and relaxed at the same time when melting.
    Good strength of scent and throw also lasts well.
    Will most definitely be ordering more of this!
    Agree with another reviewer above unique,unusual and fabulous.
    Absolutely delighted with this one!

  17. Lauren jade (verified owner)

    Not a fan of this one – was hoping I wouldn’t smell lavender much but I can 😫 if you don’t like lavender then I’d avoid this one, if you love lavender then it’s a must have!!!

  18. cathandvin (verified owner)

    Adore this one!! Looks beautiful and smells gorgeous..the lavender is just enough..unusual smell !!

  19. inner_voice (verified owner)

    Reviewed this before but I am not sure if I reviewed the old or the reformulated! This new scent just blows me away x

  20. helen white (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan off lavender but looking forward to trying this one

  21. Louise Barker (verified owner)

    Possibly the strongest scent I’ve tried to date! For me I get lavender the most so I find it truly relaxing, you do get some sweetness from the buttercream and jam

  22. nickihale18 (verified owner)

    Amazing smell and amazing throw

  23. natashaleolong (verified owner)

    Amazing smell on cold sniff but my god, when melting its devine! Brilliant scent for mixing too

  24. Jo Smith (verified owner)

    How does lavender and cake smell sooooo good together? Unusual blend but it works so well, highly recommended 💕

  25. Louise Barker (verified owner)

    Very very strong sweet lavender. Nice,but not my type of scent

  26. Emma Rayne (verified owner)

    Strong throw but not one for me personally, but definitely try it if you like lavender scents

  27. bekib2791 (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this scent, everything works so well together!

  28. Roxy (verified owner)

    Such an unusual combo yet it works so well!

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