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Custom requests are temporarily disabled, they will be re-enabled again soon.

Custom Request

Any new requests will not be started until January 2020

If you place multiple custom requests separately I will not make them all at once. Please purchase your finished custom before I start your next

* Dyer’s Dick – 6 Layers – £40
(max 6 scents & 6 colours)
* Dyer’s Dick – 3 Layers – £20

(max 3 scents & 3 colours)
* Loaves (approx. 425g) – £20
(max 3 scents & 3 colours)
* Large Pies – (approx. 300g) – £15
(max 2 scents & 2 colours)
* Small Pies – (approx. 200g) – £12
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)
* Big Baby – £4.00
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)
* Owls 8x pack – £3.00
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)
* 5x Paws – £3.00
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)
* 1x Flower – £3.00
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)
* 3x Cute Kitties – £3.00
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)
* 10x Little Dinosaurs – £3.00
(max 2 scents & 1 colour)


What I need to know to make your custom how you’d like it:
* Colour
* Scents
* If you are after chunks, what colour and/or scent you’d like them to be along with the colour and scent of the overpour
* If you would like the scents blended or if you would like them layered
* If you would like glitter and/or Mica powder
* Which custom you would like

Please bare in mind I may not have oils in at the time of your request but you can keep up to date with your request here…Request list

Once your custom has been made you will either receive a Facebook message or an email which will inform you of your password which you will need to enter to be able to purchase your custom.

Customs take about a month to be made

Custom requests are temporarily disabled, they will be re-enabled again soon.

What our customers say

I've been a customer for some months now and Nicole is without a doubt my favourite wax melt vendor. If you like wax melts but like things with something of a twist thrown in here and there then look no further!! Fantastic and quick service as well, love this ladies products!!

Kath Sims

Absolutely fabulous smelling wax. Strong, long lasting and beautifully made with gorgeous attention to detail. I've made a couple of orders now and will definitely be going back for more. Big waxy thumbs up from me

Stacey Sewell

Absolutely amazing in all departments

Sarah Owen

Really lovely lady to buy from, her wax is fabulous and her customs are gorgeous, one of my favourite vendors.

Claire Chapman

Amazing wax!! Beautifully presented! Strong and long lasting when melted!! And.. the vendor is so lovely!!!!

Karen Aitken

Everything I have ever bought smells amazing! The detail this woman goes into when making wax melts is unbelievable. Customs made to smell like whatever you want them to smell like, and to look however you want them to look. Her imagination when it comes to blends is second to none and I am continually pleased by the scents she comes up with. I will always buy melts from here.

Kristie Edwards

Absolutely wonderful, really chuffed with everything I ordered. Thank you Nicole xx absolutely awesome job xx

Michelle Hatfield

Simply amazing. Won't be buying wax from anyone else

Annie Snur

My whole house smells so amazing when I purchase from this company. I wouldn’t buy from any one else. Fast delivery and a very helpful. You won’t be disappointed x

Sarah Dodd